Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of big news


I didn't realize I hadn't posted in so long. It's been a big month. First, Mama had finals and was so busy, and then! We got a new bunny!

Mama took me to a bunny shelter Saturday before last and let me meet some bunnies. I didn't know what was going on at first, but I was SO happy to see other bunnies! I met some very pretty girls. Sadly, not all of them liked me. I can't quite figure it out. I guess they didn't like it when I said I'm in charge. But Katarina, or Katie as we call her, didn't seem to mind me being in charge at all. I made sure she knew I was in charge, and she didn't run away or anything! Then she licked my ear.

Here's a picture of Katie:


Katie came home last Wednesday. It's so weird having another bunny here! At first, I was really worried that maybe Mama wouldn't love me so much anymore. But she does. I still get lots of pets and forehead rubs, and I get fed first, so I know I'm still lord of the manor.

But you know something else? Katie is really boring. Like, really really boring. She doesn't do anything! She just sits in her cage and eats hay. I would be sooooo bored! She doesn't even throw her food bowl or want to come out of her cage to bounce. Isn't that weird? The other night I sat outside her cage and watched her pretty much the entire time I was out, just to see if she would do something. Anything. Anything at all. Nope. Weird.

Anyway, on to something more exciting. Mama planted my bunny garden this weekend! Yay! We will get fresh parsley and carrots to eat! Mama planted lots of other stuff, too, like corn, beans, peas, onions, and flowers. I think she should have planted all stuff for me. Oh well. I guess I can share.

Well, I'll keep everyone updated about my yummy garden and my boring sister.


molly said...


I am glad you got a new sister. My Mom asked me if we should get another kitty and I said no. I told her I would be mad if another kitty came here.

My Mom says you should be patient with Katie, because it is scary coming to live in a new home. She 'members when you came to live with your Mama, and your Mama said you were scared, too. Be patient and nice, and when Katie feels not scared any more, she will come out to play.

Dylan said...

I think you two should get a bunny. We can get along good with kitties, and we're cute and lots of fun.