Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi. It's officially springtime! It makes me feel bouncy.

I've had lots and lots of bunny energy lately. I've hopping all over the place, on the furniture, knocking stuff over. It's lots of fun.

Unfortunately, some of my fun has gotten me into trouble. So I like to chew door frames. And baseboards. And carpet. And cords. And books. What's the big deal? I'm a bunny - I chew. It's what we do. But Mama does think it's a big deal. *sigh* And I got sent to bed early without a treat the other night. I don't like that at all. I'm just following my bunny nature. I threw my toys around my cage to let Mama know I was unhappy about my treat deprivation.

I think I need to get more stealthy about my chewing. Does anybody have any suggestions about how I can do this???


molly said...

You need to be very very careful, Dylan. Moms always know what we are doing, even when they are in a whole 'nother room. When I am being naughty, like when I try to play on her dresser, my Mom always uses my whole name! And the dresser isn't even where she can see it from her bed. Moms can always tell when we are doing something we should't do, and my Mom always says "no" in a way that means I'll get a spanking if I don't listen.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you lots, Dylan, because it's the time of year that I start my garden. And the things that get started now all seem like things you'd especially like: carrots, radishes, spinach, chives & tender peas. Have you ever tasted a freshly-shelled pea? It's so sweet it tastes like candy!

I wish you lived nearby. I'd love to share my harvest with you!